Wizardry 101


wizardryfrontcvr WIZARDRY:

edited by Joshua Free

An Underground Cult Classic!

WIZARDRY — The Complete Grimoire & Magickal Notebooks of Merlyn Stone!

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, the underground classic “Sorcerer’s Handbook of Merlyn Stone” returns after thousands of copies have reached circulation coupled with “The Lost Books of Merlyn Stone”, making Wizardry a complete collected works anthology of Merlyn Stone.

For centuries, the realm of magick has been sought, and finally what the world awaited for has arrived; a book that tells it all without the unnecessary occult jargon allowing for the quickest personal results in training and development. A complete accelerated course curriculum in magick and metaphysics originally written by Joshua Free and released into the New Age underground in the 1990’s under the name “Merlyn Stone”, while still a teenager!

Just a few of the many topics explored in the first half (“Sorcerer’s Handbook”) are:
-magickal fundamentals
-ritual techniques
-spellcraft & candle magick
-tarot divination
-ceremonial high magick
-magick of the Golden Dawn
-Enochian magick
-the Necronomicon
…and many other topics concerning wizardry and the magickal arts.

Several other less circulated underground publications were released by the teenage prodigy, “Merlyn Stone” before disappearing from the occult scene in 2001. With the reappearance of “Merlyn Stone” as Joshua Free, the Nabu of the modern “Mardukite” Anunnaki movement, there has been a resurgence of interest into the previous and ‘forgotten’ works that have led up to the now prolific literary career — composing a complete and diverse grimoire of magick.

In the second half (“The Lost Books of Merlyn Stone”) provides an incredible collection of underground original in-house productions created for the Mystics of the Earth, Draconis Celtic Lodge of Druids, Elven Fellowship Circle of Magick and Order of the Crystal Dawn during the 1990’s.

This innovative experimental work from a young teenager did not reach the surface world in other forms and includes:
-secret rites of initiation
-methods of apprenticeship
-illuminati magick
-creative/active psychology
…and the practical use of energy in ways not typically observed in the conventional “New Age.”

Now you can master the powers of magick with a book that has changed the world, launching hundreds of traditions in over a decade!

“I had not known before talking with Joshua Free personally that he wrote the ‘Merlyn Stone’ work as a teenager. I found this out after we began corresponding over the internet. I was in awe: that a teenager could have written this masterpiece.” — James Thomas (from the Preface)

“Merlyn Stone, it seemed, was only a high school student when he wrote the book I held. I was floored! How could a mere teenager understand this much of the occult, much less write a book about it? Although young in body, he is quite mature in mind beyond description – someone who modern magick practitioners would call an “old soul.” He represents a new breed of magician – someone who dares, no matter the odds.” — Myrddin Wolfe (from the Introduction)


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