Sorcerer’s Handbook



edited by Joshua Free

Celebrating its 13th Anniversary, the Sorcerer’s Handbook of Merlyn Stone returns after thousands of copies have reached circulation!

For centuries, the realm of magick has been sought, and finally what the world awaited for has arrived; a book that tells it all without the unnecessary occult jargon allowing for the quickest personal results in training and development.

Just a few of the many topics explored are ritual spellcraft, candle magick, ceremonial high magick, tarot divination, the magick of the Golden Dawn, the complete Enochian arts and yes, even the Necronomicon!

Now you can master the powers of magick with a book that has changed the world, launching hundreds of traditions in over a decade!

Originally written by Joshua Free in the 1990’s under the name “Merlyn Stone” while still a teenager! Start doing magick NOW with this underground cult classic!

Considered a ‘prodigy’ in the 1990’s, Joshua Free wrote many underground manifestos on occult topics under the pseudonym “Merlyn Stone” while still a teenager, the first and most famous of these being the Sorcerer’s Handbook that is currently celebrating its 13th Anniversary in 2011 after reaching thousands of readers!

The materials in this text are also found in the anthology edition: Wizardry


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