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The Mardukite Truth Seeker Press network provides you with direct access to the finest literary materials in the amazing field of practical metaphysics and New Age mysticism (Wizardry) for a self-directed self-actualization course developed underground by Joshua Free during the 1990’s under the name of “Merlyn Stone”.


wizardryfrontcvr WIZARDRY
The Magick of Merlyn Stone: A Complete Grimoire
(15th Anniversary Edition)

by Joshua Free

THE “GUIDE” — Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, the underground classic “Sorcerer’s Handbook of Merlyn Stone” returns after thousands of copies have reached circulation coupled with “The Lost Books of Merlyn Stone”, making “Wizardry” a complete collected works anthology of Merlyn Stone. Now you can master the powers of magick with a book that has changed the world, launching hundreds of traditions in over a decade!

arcanum2012thumb ARCANUM
The Complete Guide to Systems of Magick &
The Unification of the Metaphysical Universe

by Joshua Free

THE “TEXTBOOK” — The most comprehensive course in magick and metaphysics for both novice and adept alike. Prolific writer, Joshua Free has developed a revolutionary literary contribution presented in a uniquely non-linear structure that naturally adapts and evolves to a seeker’s needs. Now, come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the harmonic unification of ‘secret knowledge’ that has received many labels throughout the ages: magick, occult, esoteric, pseudo-scientific and now, even quantum.


druidcomptinythumb THE DRUID COMPLEAT
Self-Initiation into the Druidic Tradition

by Joshua Free

THE “ANTHOLOGY” — he most comprehensive course in the magick, metaphysics and secret wisdom of Druidry, designed for both novice and adept alike by prolific writer, Joshua Free, who has developed a huge definitive revolutionary literary anthology contribution for the New Age, comparable to his revolutionary “Arcanum” volume and even the “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible.” Now, come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the ‘secret knowledge’ of the Druids unlike anything ever before compiled in print!

PHERYLLT_pb_cvr_frontcrop PHERYLLT (Vol. 1)
A Modern Guide to the First Systematizers of the Ancient Celts & The Pre-Druidic Religion

edited by Joshua Free

We have been given little in classical literature or even antiquarian druidism to satisfy hunger for Pheryllt (pronounced FAIR-ee-llt or VAIR-ult) research, and even less to support an indepth critique of their founder, a figure named Pharaon – translated by some scholars to mean ‘higher powers’. ā€œ–So Ceridwen took to the crafts of the Book of Pheryllt to boil a cauldron of Awen.ā€ Perhaps it is ‘Druid Craft’ to call down ‘higher powers’ to conjure inspiration and magic ā€“ perhaps that is what Ceridwen is doing in the famous reference above. In either case, it has spawned an entire branch of modern druid methodology and a natural universalist philosophy — even if only in spirit.


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